Dimlux Maxi Controller EVO 1.2

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DimLux Maxi Controller EVO 1.2. Comes standard with a 5 meter Interlink cable. Can also be supplied with an extra long Interlink cable of 10 meter. This 10 meter cable must be ordered separately.

Using one or more Dimlux Expert Series combined with the Dimlux Maxi Controller has a number of great advantages:

Comprehensive and accurate settings

In addition to a whopping 7 dim options the Dimlux Maxi Controller can adjust the light output to the temperature of the room. This also facilitates the transition from step by step dimming to continuous variable dimming and thus making it even easier to achieve the perfect light setting. This is possible by pressing the + and - (brightness) buttons or to set the desired temperature and leave the rest to the DimLux Maxi Controller. When exceeding the preset temperature, the lights are automatically dimmed or even partially disabled. It doesn't get any easier!

Sensors: measuring = knowing

There are several sensors available that can be connected to the DimLux Maxi Controller. A temperature sensor and humidity sensor may be combined with a temperature sensor for optimal plant growth of crops. The values obtained from the temperature sensor, humidity sensor and plant temperature sensor are then analyzed and combined so that the optimum ratio between the temperature, humidity, plant temperature - and thus the vapor pressure deficit - can be achieved.

Extensive connection and control capabilities

A single DimLux Maxi Controller can control up to 160 DimLux Expert Series (40 pairs). Two DimLux Expert Series lighting systems can directly be connected to a DimLux Maxi Controller by means of speaker wire, multiple lighting systems should linearly (daisy chain) be connected to the first two lighting systems. Furthermore, the DimLux lighting systems and the DimLux Maxi Controller can be connected directly into the wall without using relays, timing devices and timer. This is safer and also saves costs.

Simulation of sunrise and sunset

Plants do not use photosynthesis until a certain temperature is reached, when the lights are turned on after a dark period, this can be stressful and can affect growth, and also condensation could be formed which can cause rot. This can be prevented by the DimLux Maxi Controller through slowly switching the DimLux Expert lighting systems on and off and thus simulating sunrise and sunset.

Energy and cost savings

If a DimLux light system is connected to a DimLux Maxi Controller this ballast is the only ballast without inrush current. A typical starting current ranges from 50 to 160 amperes per digital ballast. Newer digital ballasts are with soft start technology so that the inrush current is limited to 50 to 60 amperes. This seems little but when it's multiplied by the number of ballasts (160 for example), this provides a significant amount of power savings.

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