Digital Plant temperature camera for Dimlux with 10m cable

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The plant temperature camera is available in 2 versions, analog and digital. The digital model is for use in combination with the LED Xtreme series and the analog model for use with the Maxi Controller.

When used with the LED Xtreme series, the ideal plant temperature will be shown in the display. In addition, if the plant temperature is too low, the auxiliary lighting will flash blue, and if it’s too high, it will flash red. The grower will then be able to adjust the air temperature or VPD to achieve the ideal plant temperature.

The plant temperature does not only measure whether the plant is in its optimal range for photosynthesis, it’s also an indicator of whether the CO2 level is too high because of closed stomata. When the CO2 value is too high or the VPD is too high, the stomata may close, and the plant temperature will rise as a result. With the optical message of the plant temperature camera, the grower is informed of the situation. In the event of a water shortage, the plant temperature will also rise.

When the plant temperature camera is used in combination with the Maxi Controller, it works fully automatically as a preventive measure. If the plant temperature is too high, CO2 supply will be stopped and the output of the fixtures will be gradually dimmed. This dimming continues until the plant temperature is back within its ideal range. If the plant temperature continues to rise, the Maxi Controller will switch off the lighting, because evaporation no longer occurs and the plant will only wilt. The lights will now stay off until the error is corrected.

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